{ Day 31 } 31 Ohio Autumn Days: The End

It is time to say goodbye to this series with a last glimpse of color from Bonnie Park. I had not intended on sharing so many photos but there was simply not enough time during lunch or after work to go someplace else. Thank you for stopping by and hopefully, you enjoyed the scenery. I’veContinue reading “{ Day 31 } 31 Ohio Autumn Days: The End”

{ Day 29 } 31 Ohio Autumn Days: Up Close

Today we are getting up close and personal with some colorful leaves at Bonnie Park. I wanted something that would counteract the whiteness from yesterdays post. By the way, the WordPress theme Duotone automatically selects the background based on the picture uploaded. I do not always know what color it is going to pull fromContinue reading “{ Day 29 } 31 Ohio Autumn Days: Up Close”