Hinckley Lake

Scenic Overlook Hinckley Lake

Here is the post originally set for earlier this week.

Hinckley Lake is located in the small town of Hinckley, Ohio. There are several great places to walk and scenic overviews to visit. I hope to showcase them throughout the summer but I need to get in better shape first, as some of them are pretty steep. I will need feet like a deer to tread the high places.

3 Years Later

. Anyway this is the same tree as in the previous picture. Now it blooms no more and it’s trunk is split. A lot of trees in the woods took a beating the past few winters but last years winter winds were especially harsh on them.

Sorry for the late posting. This was ready to go and I thought a date and time was scheduled but did not, and then life thru a little hiccup my way that had to be dealt with.

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