Scenic Views From Alderfer-Oenslager Wildlife Sanctuary – “Path To Boardwalk”

Last Sunday I traveled to the Alderfer-Oensager Wildlife Sanctuary to hear photographer Ian Adams speak at the Wolf Creek Environmental Center.  After Mr. Adams wonderful presentation about his book “A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio” which was presented to members and visitors of Medina County Parks’ Photographers of the Parks, my friend Amy and I strolled along the sanctuary’s boardwalk.  I got some great pictures so for the next several weeks there will be a new picture every Tuesday and Friday.


“What Sights & Sounds Await At The End Of The Path?”

Published by Michele Kearns

A widow determined to "scatter joy" (Ralph Waldo Emerson) worldwide by providing support and encouragement to other widows.

3 thoughts on “Scenic Views From Alderfer-Oenslager Wildlife Sanctuary – “Path To Boardwalk”

  1. this is in medina? who would of figured. I go to the summit county parks alot. this place you went to seems very nice. maybe me and my hubby will get to go there during his vacation in october. yea.

      1. looked at some of your other pictures very nice. i just got this new camara with a zoom still learning how to use it. the canon rebel. very nice camara. I will be taking it south when we go and take lots of videos and pictures as I got a sd card that has alot of memory for this. I hope to get lots of pictures of those birds I saw last year, I mean the flock of pelicans, and cormorants and little gulls etc were amazing must of been 2 or 3 thousand birds in one flock. they were funny the would land for a minute then take off then land again in another part of the esturarie (pea island bird santuary in nc) then float for a minute or two and off again. it was funny. it was as if they couldn’t make up their mind where they wanted to be. lol

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